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Wikipedia Find and view Wikipedia articles on your desktop.WikipediaWikipedia, wikipedia, wikipedia game, wikipedia español, wikipedia wikipedia, wikipedia donation, wikimedia commons, wikipedia images, wikipedia interstellar, wikipedia for kids, wikipedia randomVersion Wikipedia Download MediaFire - Wikipedia ] 2014 Download!Here are several aspects you are able to do to reform the Wikipedia behavior plus receive the Wikipedia spark back in a relationship...
Keywords: Wikipedia
[texts]Chronon (Wikipedia)
Chronons (a quantized time hypothesis) on Wikipedia (May 6, 2014)
Keywords: chronon; time; quantum; sam vaknin; eytan suchard
Downloads: 4
[texts]Wikipedia Screensaver
Wikipedia Screensaver DownloadView random pages from Wikipedia every 30 seconds or so.Wikipedia ScreensaverWikipedia Screensaver, wikipedia screensaver, wikipedia screensaver download, wikipedia screensaver mac, maze screensaver wikipedia, pengertian screensaver wikipedia, bliss screensaver wikipedia, popular screensavers wikipedia, screensaver wikipedia indonesiaVersion 0.1Wikipedia Screensaver Download Wikipedia Screensaver 2014! : SOFTWARE DOWNLOAD.Be sure we consider the Wikipedia Screensave...
Keywords: Wikipedia Screensaver Download
Downloads: 1
[texts]Wikipedia CD - Wikipedia and SOS Children
A World of Learning2006 Wikipedia CD SelectionA Schools Global Citizen Resource from SOS ChildrenThe contents includes:549 Wikipedia articles on places, including countries and capital cities599 Wikipedia articles on plants and animals (including crops, and dinosaurs!)457 Wikipedia articles on science including the Weather and Space405 Wikipedia articles on general knowledge: including many "featured" articlesAn alphabetical index of all articles on the CDA complete copy of the SOS Children webs...
Keywords: Wikipedia; encyclopedia; SOS Children; 2006
Downloads: 12
[texts]"Stockholm Syndrome Wikipedia" - Wikipedia
"Stockholm Syndrome Wikipedia"
Keywords: Stockholm; Syndrome; Wikipedia; Israelites.Israel United In Christ; Law Life In Christ; True To Israel; Original Royalty; Slavery; America; Blacks
Downloads: 254
[texts]Bengali Wikipedia FAQ Book - Jayanta Nath, Arnab Dutta, Tanvir Rahaman
Bengali Wikipedia FAQ Book
Keywords: Wikipedia
Downloads: 25
[texts]wikipedia Amilton de Cristo - amilton de cristo
he wikipedia article Amilton Christ
Keywords: Amilton de cristo; pr.amilton de cristo; pastor amilton de cristo; ministerio amilton de cristo; wikipedia pastor amilton de cristo
Downloads: 63
[texts]"Edward Bernays Wikipedia" - Wikipedia
Edward Bernays Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
Keywords: Edward Bernays Wikipedia; The Free Encyclopedia; Israelites; Slavery; Israel United In Christ; Law Life In Christ; True To Israel; Original Royalty
Downloads: 398
[texts]Kosovo Wikipedia articles - authors from wikipedia, see the edit logs
A selection of the wikipedia articles from kosovo
Keywords: wikipedia; wikimedia articles
Downloads: 313
[texts]A Wikipedia Literature Review - Owen S. Martin
This paper was originally designed as a literature review for a doctoral dissertation focusing on Wikipedia. This exposition gives the structure of Wikipedia and the latest trends in Wikipedia research.
Downloads: 8
[texts]Anne Block Wikipedia entry
Unofficial mirror of
Keywords: documentcloud; daily-herald; 1995-doug-parry
Downloads: 3
[texts]Aaron Reardon Wikipedia entry
Unofficial mirror of
Keywords: documentcloud; daily-herald; 1995-doug-parry
Downloads: 4
[texts]Editing Wikipedia Brochure
This is a brochure on a quick introduction of editing Wikipedia.
Keywords: wikipedia
Downloads: 4
[texts]Wikipedia Toolbar for IE
Wikipedia Toolbar for IE DownloadGet access and search Wikipedia content on the Internet with multiple features.Wikipedia Toolbar for IEWikipedia Toolbar for IE, wikipedia toolbar for ie, wikipedia toolbar ie9, wikipedia toolbar for internet explorerVersion 4.5.1Wikipedia Toolbar for IE Click Here for Wikipedia Toolbar for IE. When digitized, the Wikipedia Toolbar for IE embroidery is stitched utilizing a computerized embroidery machine...
Keywords: Wikipedia Toolbar for IE Free
[texts]Wikipedia word counts
A CDB database mapping tokens to little-endian unsigned ints of the number of times that token appears in English Wikipedia
Keywords: dataset
Downloads: 2
[texts]How Wikipedia Works - Phoebe Ayers; Charles Matthews; Ben Yates
"We cover Wikipedia from soup to nuts: for readers trying to understand what's in Wikipedia, how and why it got there, and how to analyze the quality of the content you might find on the site; for current and future editors, from basic editing techniques and wikisyntax to not-so-basic information on complicated syntax, referencing and researching content, and editing collaboratively and harmoniously; and finally for anyone interested in how Wikipedia's vibrant and complicated community comes tog...
Keywords: Wikipedia; Mediawiki; Wikimedia; documentation; Wikipedia--Handbooks, manuals, etc; encyclopedias; Social media; User-generated content
Downloads: 2,228
[texts]Scientific citations in Wikipedia - Finn Aarup Nielsen
The Internet-based encyclopaedia Wikipedia has grown to become one of the most visited web-sites on the Internet. However, critics have questioned the quality of entries, and an empirical study has shown Wikipedia to contain errors in a 2005 sample of science entries. Biased coverage and lack of sources are among the "Wikipedia risks". The present work describes a simple assessment of these aspects by examining the outbound links from Wikipedia articles to articles in scientific journals with a ...
Downloads: 3
[texts]Edit wars in Wikipedia - Róbert Sumi
We present a new, efficient method for automatically detecting severe conflicts `edit wars' in Wikipedia and evaluate this method on six different language WPs. We discuss how the number of edits, reverts, the length of discussions, the burstiness of edits and reverts deviate in such pages from those following the general workflow, and argue that earlier work has significantly over-estimated the contentiousness of the Wikipedia editing process.
Downloads: 19
[texts]Entity Ranking in Wikipedia - Anne-Marie Vercoustre
The traditional entity extraction problem lies in the ability of extracting named entities from plain text using natural language processing techniques and intensive training from large document collections. Examples of named entities include organisations, people, locations, or dates. There are many research activities involving named entities; we are interested in entity ranking in the field of information retrieval...
Downloads: 31
[texts]Joep Zander Wikipedia
lemma's die mogelijk verdwijnen van wikipedia tsja ik wist niet dat dit zoveel gedownload zou gaan worden. Even voor de duidelijkheid: dit is een verzameling lemmaś waar ik af en toe aan bijdroeg en die informatie kan bevatten die zou kunnen worden verwijderd. Een aaltal lemmaś, met name over vaderschap zijn ook daadwerkelijk verwijderd. Zelf ben ik ook verwijderd. Meer info via mijn weblog.
Keywords: wikipedia; Joep Zander
Downloads: 1,540
[texts]Collaborative Development in Wikipedia - Gerald C. Kane
Using 16,068 articles in Wikipedia's Medicine Wikiproject, we study the relationship between collaboration and quality. We assess whether certain collaborative patterns are associated with information quality in terms of self-evaluated quality and article viewership. We find that the number of contributors has a curvilinear relationship to information quality, more contributors improving quality but only up to a certain point...
Downloads: 10
[texts]Indian Rebellion of 1857 - wikipedia - Wikipedia
Indian Rebellion of 1857 - wikipedia
Keywords: Indian Rebellion of 1857 - wikipedia
Downloads: 1,701
[texts]Aaron Reardon Wikipedia page history
Unofficial mirror of
Keywords: documentcloud; daily-herald; 1995-doug-parry
Downloads: 4
[texts]L8inCoubert Wikipedia history
Unofficial mirror of
Keywords: documentcloud; daily-herald; 1995-doug-parry
Downloads: 3
[texts]Wikipedia Redirects 2010--12-06 - Eric Normand (derived from the Wikipedia Database Dumps)
Cleaned up redirect data from Wikipedia. Tab-delimited lines. Two columns (pageid from wikipedia datadump, title of page redirected to). Note: Some links are recursive. Some could be cyclical.
Keywords: wikipedia; redirects; semantic; data
Downloads: 55
[texts]Wikipedia Titles 2010-12-06 - Eric Normand (derived from the Wikipedia Database Dumps)
Titles of all Wikipedia pages (including redirects) from the Wikipedia database dump. UTF-8 Format. One entry per line. An entry consists of page id, a tab character, and the title of the page.
Keywords: wikipedia; semantic data; titles; synonym
Downloads: 61
[texts]Wikipedia is Wrong [citation needed] - Zack Y. & Travis A.
An open letter / essay to schools about how Wikipedia should be considered a good source of information.
Keywords: Wikipedia; open letter; essay; source of information; citing wikipedia
Downloads: 33
[texts]Wikipedia Administration Logs - July 2006
Captured as part of a multi-year research project, this archive contains logs of a variety of wikipedia administration IRC channels. Most points of discussion are out-of-band metaissues not considered ideal to include on the discussion pages of wikipedia itself.
Downloads: 5
[texts]Product/Brand extraction from WikiPedia - K. Massoudi
In this paper we describe the task of extracting product and brand pages from wikipedia. We present an experimental environment and setup built on top of a dataset of wikipedia pages we collected. We introduce a method for recognition of product pages modelled as a boolean probabilistic classification task. We show that this approach can lead to promising results and we discuss alternative approaches we considered.
Downloads: 7
[texts]Making Math Searchable in Wikipedia - Moritz Schubotz
Wikipedia, the world largest encyclopedia contains a lot of knowledge that is expressed as formulae exclusively. Unfortunately, this knowledge is currently not fully accessible by intelligent information retrieval systems. This immense body of knowledge is hidden form value-added services, such as search. In this paper, we present our MathSearch implementation for Wikipedia that enables users to perform a combined text and fully unlock the potential benefits.
Downloads: 12
[texts]Evolution of Wikipedia's Category Structure - Krzysztof Suchecki
Wikipedia, as a social phenomenon of collaborative knowledge creating, has been studied extensively from various points of views. The category system of Wikipedia, introduced in 2004, has attracted relatively little attention. In this study, we focus on the documentation of knowledge, and the transformation of this documentation with time. We take Wikipedia as a proxy for knowledge in general and its category system as an aspect of the structure of this knowledge...
Downloads: 17
[texts]Synonym search in Wikipedia: Synarcher - A. Krizhanovsky
The program Synarcher for synonym (and related terms) search in the text corpus of special structure (Wikipedia) was developed. The results of the search are presented in the form of graph. It is possible to explore the graph and search for graph elements interactively. Adapted HITS algorithm for synonym search, program architecture, and program work evaluation with test examples are presented in the paper...
Downloads: 6
[texts]Dynamics of conflicts in Wikipedia - Taha Yasseri
In this work we study the dynamical features of editorial wars in Wikipedia (WP). Based on our previously established algorithm, we build up samples of controversial and peaceful articles and analyze the temporal characteristics of the activity in these samples. On short time scales, we show that there is a clear correspondence between conflict and burstiness of activity patterns, and that memory effects play an important role in controversies...
Downloads: 18
[texts]Apple Pascal Docs: UCSD Pascal - Wikipedia
Apple Pascal Docs: UCSD Pascal - Wikipedia
Keywords: ucsd; pascal; virtual; version; encyclopedia; extensions; softech; operating; revision; compiler; ucsd pascal; free encyclopedia
Downloads: 57
[texts]Bengali Wikipedia FAQ Book V 1 - Jayanta Nath
Bengali Wikipedia FAQ Book V1
Keywords: Bangla Wikipedia FAQ Book
Downloads: 15
[texts]Bengali Wikipedia FAQ Book V 2 - Jayanta Nath
Bengali Wikipedia FAQ Book V 2
Keywords: Bangla Wikipedia
Downloads: 16
[texts]Marxism Wikipedia
communist marxism
Keywords: communist; marxism
Downloads: 133
[texts]Nature - a book compiled from Wikipedia articles - Wikipedia
Nature - a book compiled from Wikipedia articles This is a book automatically generated from Wikipedia articles.
Keywords: Nature - a book compiled from Wikipedia articles
Downloads: 1,957
[texts]Dubai Wikipedia page on 2012-09-06 - Wikipedia
Export of Wikipedia english article on Dubai, taken on 2012-09-06 from
Keywords: dubai; wikipedia; export; pdf; archiveteam
Downloads: 505
[texts]Romania - a book compiled from Wikipedia articles - Wikipedia
Romania - a book compiled from Wikipedia articles Please skip to page 29, first pages are not readable due to a Wikipedia error - click here
Keywords: Romania - a book compiled from Wikipedia articles
Downloads: 1,329
[texts]Dump of Wikipedia from December 20, 2001
File contains a dump of Wikipedia on 20 December 2001. Provided courtesy of Brion Vibber.
Keywords: wikipedia; 2001; december; 200112; dump; edit history
Downloads: 109
[texts]L8ainCoubert blocked from Wikipedia
Unofficial mirror of
Keywords: documentcloud; daily-herald; 1995-doug-parry
Downloads: 3
[texts]Time evolution of Wikipedia network ranking - Young-Ho Eom
We study the time evolution of ranking and spectral properties of the Google matrix of English Wikipedia hyperlink network during years 2003 - 2011. The statistical properties of ranking of Wikipedia articles via PageRank and CheiRank probabilities, as well as the matrix spectrum, are shown to be stabilized for 2007 - 2011. A special emphasis is done on ranking of Wikipedia personalities and universities...
Downloads: 16
[texts]Use of Wikipedia Categories in Entity Ranking - James A. Thom
Wikipedia is a useful source of knowledge that has many applications in language processing and knowledge representation. The Wikipedia category graph can be compared with the class hierarchy in an ontology; it has some characteristics in common as well as some differences. In this paper, we present our approach for answering entity ranking queries from the Wikipedia. In particular, we explore how to make use of Wikipedia categories to improve entity ranking effectiveness...
Downloads: 33
[texts]En.Wikipedia Encyclopedia And The Technocracy Entries -
Information about the funding and special interest group editing on the Wikipedia online encyclopedia. An examination of how editing 'factions' cooperate to control information on Wikipedia. Energy and economics articles in particular are not trustworthy in regard to critical thinking and neutral information on Wikipedia. How is it that a mainstream behavioral economist like Lawrence Khoo controls many of the major edits on en.Wikipedia economic articles? Who funds his research? John Quiggin Aus...
Keywords: Lawrence Khoo; John Quiggin, EnWikipedia; Technocracy; technate; energy accounting; Howard Scott; TNAT; wikipedia; Keynes; behavorial economics; information manipulation; Johnphos wikipedia; biophysical economics
Downloads: 107
[texts]Wikipedia: organisation from a bottom-up approach - Sander Spek
Wikipedia can be considered as an extreme form of a self-managing team, as a means of labour division. One could expect that this bottom-up approach, with the absense of top-down organisational control, would lead to a chaos, but our analysis shows that this is not the case. In the Dutch Wikipedia, an integrated and coherent data structure is created, while at the same time users succeed in distributing roles by self-selection...
Downloads: 13
[texts]Clustering of scientific citations in Wikipedia - Finn Aarup Nielsen
The instances of templates in Wikipedia form an interesting data set of structured information. Here I focus on the cite journal template that is primarily used for citation to articles in scientific journals. These citations can be extracted and analyzed: Non-negative matrix factorization is performed on a (article x journal) matrix resulting in a soft clustering of Wikipedia articles and scientific journals, each cluster more or less representing a scientific topic.
Downloads: 4
[texts]The Six Sins of the Wikipedia - Sam Vaknin
Six cardinal (and, in the long-term, deadly) sins plague the Wikipedia. What unites and underlies all its deficiencies is simple: Wikipedia dissembles about what it is and how it operates. It is a self-righteous confabulation and its success in deceiving the many attests not only to the gullibility of the vast majority of Netizens but to the PR savvy of its sleek and slick operators.
Keywords: free books; free e-books; free ebooks; books; e-books; ebooks; anthologies; articles; essays; free content; Sam Vaknin; United Press International; UPI; Central Europe Review; download; online books; online content
Downloads: 131
[texts]Two-dimensional ranking of Wikipedia articles - A. O. Zhirov
The Library of Babel, described by Jorge Luis Borges, stores an enormous amount of information. The Library exists {\it ab aeterno}. Wikipedia, a free online encyclopaedia, becomes a modern analogue of such a Library. Information retrieval and ranking of Wikipedia articles become the challenge of modern society. While PageRank highlights very well known nodes with many ingoing links, CheiRank highlights very communicative nodes with many outgoing links...
Downloads: 6
[texts]Assessing the Value of Coooperation in Wikipedia - Dennis M. Wilkinson
Since its inception six years ago, the online encyclopedia Wikipedia has accumulated 6.40 million articles and 250 million edits, contributed in a predominantly undirected and haphazard fashion by 5.77 million unvetted volunteers. Despite the apparent lack of order, the 50 million edits by 4.8 million contributors to the 1.5 million articles in the English-language Wikipedia follow strong certain overall regularities...
Downloads: 9
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